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About Ascent Physical Therapy

It all started in 2015. Krupal and I were working as a physical therapist. I was employed in a large corporate organization and Krupal was working as a home health physical therapist. We were both disappointed in the direction that these large organizations were headed where more emphasis was placed on productivity as compared to quality care. This would result in me seeing two to three patients an hour. I was tired of always wanting and needing more time to treat my one patient when second patient was waiting for me on table besides me and the third patient was walking in the door. I knew it was time for a change.


So, when the opportunity presented itself to make a change as little as it may be, we both jumped on it. This was the start of our Plainfield clinic. With our own practice, we began developing what would become Ascent’s culture, and applied our principles of putting the patients first always. This method proved very successful, not only were we noticing that the patients were more satisfied with the care
but were also getting better results.

Our team was rated one of the best physical therapist team in Naperville area.

Best Physical Therapists in Naperville

Can You Relate?
  • Do you agree that patient’s needs should be placed before productivity standards?
  • Do you agree that the therapist can provide better care when they are not pulled in different directions by having multiple clients at ones?
  •  Do you feel that each session should be individualized for your need as compared to following prefabricated plan of always starting on bike or treadmill for 10 min because therapist is still working on previous patient?
  • Do you feel more comfortable when you are not laying on a table less than 10 feet away from the next patient while your therapist is working on you?
  • Do you agree that more attention and care would result in better results?
If you answered yes to any of these questions, you are not alone. At Ascent Physical Therapy, we hear this all the time. Our patients love the quality care and see better results because of it.
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